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Juan Romero is a well established percussionist based in Sweden. He is also a conductor , composer , project manager , educator , organizer , freelance musician with a large network , both internationally and in Sweden .

As an educator working Juan Romero frequent drum workshops of all kinds. He leads the bands: Yakumbé and Sambomba. As a musician Romeroi s currently envolved with the bands: OK Star Orchestra , Montag Mania , Sebastian Caldas Moving Horizons , Signe Bäck , Nya Alliansen , Anki Wallgren Band. Has also played with Hector Bingert Latin Lover Big Band Latin Lovers All Stars and more.

Short Bio

Juan Romero was 16 and lived in Argentina when he took his first steps in music. This was under the leadership of Jose Pineiro Tadeou do Santos, a Brazilian percussionist from Bahia. In 1990 he moved to Stockholm, where he studied Candombe through various cultural institutions.

In 1993, Juan formed the percussion ensemble Yakumbé who has toured and given workshops for 23 years around Scandinavia and in most large or small festivals in Sweden. 1993, he was also in Rinkeby Samba School led by Carlos Pussetto and Fidel Velazques. Here he learned the basics to many Brazilian rhythms. In 2001 he created the percussion course Sambomba in Rinkeby, which today is both a course and a well-established bands. 2002, Romero worked with a candombe ensemble in Jakobsberg where Juan Romero and Daniel Bingert acted as musical leaders and teachers for 3 years. 2008 studied Juan BEAT, a one-year line of Birkagården Andre Ferrari as a teacher. With a focus on everything from world music to club music. 2010-2014 Juan Romero acquired his bachelor’s degree in Music from other cultures at the Royal Academy of Music with teachers Pepe Espinosa, Rafael Side, Mikael Nilsson, Valter Kimbon.
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